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Contract Work Terms

Starting in January 2021,

  • Consulting rate: $40/hr. Discount up to 20% for prior customers — A savings of $8 (US)!!
  • Monthly retainers: -- long-term consultation -- range from $40 to $1000 based on time reserved / scheduled.
  • Production design rate: $50/hr. (US)
  • A project is the purchase of my time and expertise. 

As I’m interested in learning new things, it doesn’t hurt to inquire; this can bring prices down if you really are short on budget and I could arrange financing.

So, how does "getting started" work?

For “Simple” Projects

A small project is one that requires less than 10 hours of my time, billed at my current rate or financed.

  1. We talk about what you want to be done or accomplished. We will define what we can make that will satisfy your goals.
  2. I tell you how many estimated hours it will take, in increments of 1/2 hours per requested feature. My hourly rate is used to estimate total project labor costs.
  3. You give me an "earnest deposit", typically 25% to 50% of the total estimated cost. Exception: for very short projects of 2 hours or less, a deposit is not required.
  4. A project is the purchase of my time and expertise.  I retain all "copyrights" until the project is paid in full; only then does the project become a "work for hire" and material goods are transferred.
  5. I do the work and deliver to it securely for initial approval. If you like it, you pay the remainder of the service invoice due. Otherwise, we figure out what needs to happen to make the work meet your submitted design.
  6. Upon receipt of final payment, you receive a copy of all the materials produced for your archives.


For “Complex” Projects (or Program) Management.

If your project requires coordination between multiple people, formal project and/or program management, or costs more than $600 (US) or  roughly 15/hr consulting, please read my detailed terms of work.

Estimating Costs

Generally, I will work out financials based on your budget and proceed in project phased steps that are comfortable for your budget. I’ll never bill you for work that you have not explicitly approved in the original written design document. For more information, please read my detailed terms of work.



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