Affiliate Guide

for SGGS Affiliate and Partner Networks

Thank you for your interest in my product line and association in its affiliate network. Our affiliate methods are proprietary. We encourage former "Mochi Media Game Developers and Publishers" to contact us for consultation.

Steve Gose Game Studio (SGGS) affiliate network is the newest endeavour from Stephen Gose LLC. We developed our affiliate network in response to Mochi Media's demise early 2014.  Many independent game developers were affected (as were we); all of us lost our:

  1. Distribution channel;
  2. Marketing Advertisement Revenues;
  3. Automatic updates to released games; and
  4. Analytics on game performance from the market place.

It has taken us 6 months to draft and revise our business plans and implement this initial affiliate deployment. The SGGS Affiliate Network provides several methods to re-capture your lost revenue streams from Mochi Media Ads by deploying our updated game products. Today, we offer a substitute for Mochi Media to our current syndicates -- it's time to recapture your Mochi Media revenues.

Before you deploy any of our games, you should do two (2) things:

  1. Register for our affiliate program, it's quick and FREE (existing syndicates should login and re-verify affiliate information, and where you want payments delivered).
  2. Register your games' file names you host on your website; and
  3. then, Rename each of those games' file names with your affiliate code. See the following example:

For example, you have downloaded our freely available demo games from our website, from Mochi Media or any of the several other distribution channels. You should notice that each of our games' file names includes the "_pbmcube" inside its file name. Replace just the "pbmcube" portion with your registered affiliate code.

This is an important step; because even if the game is "scraped" from your website, you will still receive traffic credit. We do not use cookies, since cookies can be deleted from your client's browser. We do not use JavaScript, since it can be blocked. We use the "raw file name" to preserve your affiliate status. It is just that simple.

So, whether a scavenger takes your games off your website or "iframes" your games, you will still gain revenue credits from everyone who purchases in-game items, subscriptions, or licenses. It does not matter which website uses your affiliate code; you gain credit from the file name utilized.

You earn 50%, 70% or 80% revenues based on your "hosted game" status. (Read next sections) We pay you once-a-month based on previous month balances over $24 (US) through PayPal. All registered games with your affiliate code contribute toward your account balance.

Creating an affiliate account and registering your hosted games generates your affiliate code that helps us track, and assign revenues toward your affiliate account -- no matter where the games sit on the Internet!

So, your first task is register and generate your affiliate code. Registering your SGGS games is FREE. It costs you nothing! You do not need a "subscription license" nor "permanent (1-time fee) license" to start gaining 50% revenues from crowd-funding donations. Each of our games understands how to find your affiliate code inside the game's "file name". The only thing remaining is to tell us which games you have and then, generate your affiliate code. Unregistered games do not contribute to your affiliate account. When gamers donate money or purchase in-game entitlements and encentives, you earn 50% of those transactions! As we escrow those donations and your account balances reach either a 1-year subscription or a life-time license -- your choice when you register each game --, we will send you a game license gift certificate to use for any of your registered SGGS games. Of course, if gamers purchase in-game entitlement and encentives you earn commissions based on that individual game's status —registered or licensed. After you purchase (or subscribe for) a license, you earn even greater commsions! For each active annual subscription license, you earn 70% of all donations, subscriptions, in-game items and licenses purchased from that individually licensed game. For life-time license, you earn 80% of all donations, subscriptions, in-game items and licenses purchased from that individually licensed game. Licensed games also provide extra game levels and extended features.

We have made this easy for everyone! Registering your game activates a new button in our game's menu called "Donations". This let your community understand that you are crowd-funding a license for this single game. (Note: if you do not see this button, you might have an extremely old game version. All SGGS games released after April 21, 2014 have this button).

As your community provide donations -- i.e. "crowd Funding" --, we collect (from each of your registered games) those donations and apply those donations toward your affiliate account balance. When your affiliate account balance reaches an annual subscription price or life-time price for a single game, you can elect to apply those funds toward your first-year license subscription (for a single game of your choice in your affiliate account) or continue collecting donations until you can purchase a "permanent (1-time) license" for a single game of your choice in your affiliate account. Once all your registered games are licensed, you still continue to collect donations! We pay you once a month on balances over $24 (US) through PayPal. Naturally, if gamers purchase in-game encentives or entitlement you earn commissions based that individual game's status. For example, if the game is registered, you earn 50% commissions. If a game has an active license subscription, you earn 70% commisions!

Annual License subscriptions (currently) are $12 (US) per year per game. For each game that you have an active annual subscription, you receive a 70% (for you) : 30% (SGGS portion) split from customer donations and purchases.  In other words: 1) if your account has enough cash to pay for an annual license subscription; and, 2) you elect to activate an annual license for this game, for every donation collected thereafter you keep 70% of the donation/purchases as long as the subscription is active! . If you subscription license expires, your hosted game reverts back to the registered version; you would then earn only 50% revenue share. After one year on expired license subscription, you hosted game reverted to non-registered status. Placing games in a prominent settings or with high popularity ratings helps you gain more donations.

Currently, 1-time (permanent) license are only $48 (US) per game (Volume Discounts do apply; some affiliate have hosted our games for over 6+ years!). For each permanently licensed game, you receive a 80% (you) : 20% (SGGS administrative and processing) split from your customers' donations and purchases.  In other words: 1) if your account has enough cash to pay for a 1-time license; and, 2) you elect to activate this license for this individual game, for every donation collected thereafter you keep 80% of those donations or purchases!  Placing games in a prominent settings or with high popularity ratings helps you. Permanent licenses never revert to registered status nor demo status.

I should also mention that if you should purchase the game-mechanics source code for any SGGS game. The source code includes a (permanent) 1-time license. Source code and 1-time license is $60 (US).

The game file name has your embedded affiliate code. A scavenger cannot change your file names -- unless they have access to your website which is a very serious problem you would need to address.

As mentioned above, we don't use cookies since browser cookies can be deleted. Many game publishers use cookies to track affiliate sales. SGGS is a Big Fish Silver Partner; I have lost countless purchases bsed on Big Fish Affiliate program due to my customers' cookies had been changed due to surfing other game site. Most game producers are only interested in selling; they really don't care who makes the final sale .... just so long as end-consumers ultimately buys.  This is great for their revenues, but demonstrates the lack of respect for their affiliate distribution channels.

We don't use JavaScript either; since, it can be blocked. With the advent of "Content Delivery Networks", JavaScript no longer reflects the original source. Your referrals now show the "Content Delivery Network" as the end-consumer referral.

As mentioned above, we use the game's raw file name to preserve your affiliate status. Unless the file name is changed, you retain the referral of the ultimate end-consumer. So, it does not matter whether a scavenger takes your games off your website or "iframes" your games content to camouflage the referral website. In fact the opposite is desired, you want as many web-masters as possible to take your SGGS hosted games off your website -- with your embedded affiliate code -- and spread those games to as many websites as possible. You want your hosted games to go "viral" -- "take them all"!  This one concept is unique to SGGS-- no other game distributor on the Internet does this! When your "branded" games go viral, you gain even more affiliate revenues -- from every consumer, from every site with your affiliate file name -- who purchases in-game items, subscriptions, or licenses.