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License Donation for PBMCube Online Game [POG]

DEAR GAMERS: To protect your favourite website — PBMCube Online Game [POG], we do not run ads in their licensed games. PBMCube Online Game [POG] survives on donations averaging about $12 to $48 (US) a year. If everyone playing this game simply gave a $2.00 minimum donation, PBMCube Online Game [POG] fund-raiser would be done within the hour; they are that popular! SGGS is a game developer who supplies games to PBMCube Online Game [POG]. We split your donations to cover our development of new games and PBMCube Online Game [POG] costs of running a top website: servers, staff and programs. SGGS games and PBMCube Online Game [POG] website are something special. It is like an adventure land where we can all go to play and learn. If this game is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online and ad-free for another year.
Thank you.

License Donation for PBMCube Online Game [POG]

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