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Affiliates Program

Are you aware that our games presently running on your site might not be directing funds back toward you as they once were with Mochi Media -- you do realize Mochi Media died March 2014! Mochi Media's demise affected us all; for this reason, we have created the SGGS* Affiliate Network. Now you can regain -- possibly exceed -- income you once earned from Mochi Media.

Be warned! Adobe Flash will be completely removed from all browsers by December 31, 2020, via Windows Update. Read more here ... HOWEVER! there are two methods to still play "Adobe Flash Games"

  1. Use BlueMaxima's Flash Point!
  2. Use Ruffle Emulator built in the Rust programming language — my favorite!
  3. OR any of the 7 other ways to continue playing Flash games.


The SGGS* Affiliate Syndication Network is open to anyone (customers or non-customers), our affiliate program is a quick and easy way to make some cash while helping your website. For further details, please review our Affiliate documentation.

So, where do you start?

Review our new affiliate Syndication program details here. It's FREE to join and offers generous commissions and revenue sharing. As a reminder, you can access all our games — with the new Affiliate features — from our Show Case Game website - Renown Games.

But hey! why not include your games on our Renown Games Shopping Mall! Registration is FREE —Sign Up below!— , you manage your own collection of game releases. Follow this link to our new Game ShowCase site:  Renown Games Vendors -- here is where you can download our games OR upload your own games from your Affiliate Syndication Account.

Access our updated game collection with the new affiliate features at Renown Games Shop


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* SGGS = Stephen Gose Game Studio



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